D' Kolam Hotel Jengka

Enjoying the lounge so different and more affordable.

Relaxing atmosphere of the hotel, beside the fishing pond, a warm meal and karaoke restaurant open. Buildings constructed with classic design of Rome. The location is also just 2 km from the Bandar Jengka (Bandar Tun Razak), beside the major roads Bandar Pusat Jengka ~ Temerloh Pahang.

Hotel Building.
Counter hotels and department stores.

Facilities provided : 
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Hot water bath 
  • Television 
  • The mosaic floor
  • Toilets in the room
Price range between :
  • RM 40.00 (2 persons)
  • RM 50.00 (2 persons) 
  • RM 60.00 (3 persons)
  • RM 75.00 (4 people) 

Sight fishing pond beside the hotel environment.

Any questions contact us at :
  1. 019-903 7786 (Rizwan) 
  2. 013-932 7786 (Office) 
  3. 019-987 5786 (Office)
Bamboo tree in each front door.
Overview bathroom.
Overview bedroom.
Overview bathroom.
On those who want to make a reservation, please book now, we await your arrival.

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